Finding the right kind of partners is critical for a start up to succeed. RICH team was extremely helpful in connecting us to industries in their network. We are signing a strategic partnership with Delta Agrigenetics, who will be taking our SNIPR technology based products to market.
We are excited as the new phase in our start up begins and very happy to mentors and friends at RICH with us.

Dr. Renuka Founder

CEO – BioPrimeAgrisolutions

Lean Techno got in touch with RICH to explore possibilities to get connected with industries to offer services on People, Process and Supply Chain & Logistics to leverage growth through Lean Manufacturing Methodologies.
During our association with RICH we felt, what sets RICH apart is “Highly motivated and enthusiastic team, Strong networking, and addressing needs of diverse industry domains yet with depth Above all working beyond obvious.

Mr. Arun Dakhole

Co-Founder & Director-Strategy - Lean Technocrats India Pvt. Ltd

When the idea of AC helmets hatched, I was a student in TEP at ISB. Mr. Rangnekar, being the dean of ISB during the course, was indirectly one of the earliest part of our start-up's journey, where TEP helped me refine my idea and develop a business around it.
RICH helped us with guidance on ways to solve our critical certification issue and branding our product.

Mr. Kausthub Kaundinya

CEO - Jarsh Innovations

ATGC started at IKP incubator and graduated. During start up to scale up phase of the company RICH was a gateway for connecting to global industry leaders and policy makers.
In Life Sciences, we do not have any entity other than RICH in India which serves as an interface between Industry, Academia and Policy makers.
As RICH started connecting with various research institutions and showcasing our technologies at various platforms enabled our technologies towards working together mode, wherein the connections led towards creating a roadmap for commercialization of our innovations.

Dr. Markandeya Gorantla

Managing Director –ATGC

Our journey of being incubated with RICH has been just a little under 5 months and it has been a quantum leap of progress from start-up idea to execution. So far we have finished ideating our products, connecting to suppliers, developing a business plan, developing manufacturing strategy and gotten into the smaller details as well, that most start-ups usually just gloss over. All these steps (and more) were finished in an incredible time period of 3 months, with room for product development iterations and feedback discussions with RICH

Mr. Raya

Founder - Natural Super Foods

Paddy/Rice has always been our area of interest. We do approach other research and academic agencies for any clarifications or product development. But I must acknowledge that the response quality/time after getting introduced to RICH has been enormously fast.
All thanks to the progressive thoughts of current government for the initiative to bridge the gaps between the Government research institutes and the industry for delivering faster.

Mr. Hiten Bhimani

Managing Director - Shree Gajanan Industries

RICH is an institutional innovation to foster interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. ICRISAT and particularly ihub (ICRISAT’s new ICT4Ag incubator) has had an enriching and deep engagement with RICH. RICH has complemented ihub’s efforts by enabling selected incubatees graduate to the next level. We hope that RICH and ihub will continue to complement one another and create more game changing innovations.

Mr Ram Kiran Dhulipala

Head – Digital Agriculture & Youth - ICRISAT