Research & Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH), National Association for Farmer Producer Organisations (NAFPO) and Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF), recently organized a virtual technology showcase to connect agtech start-ups with FPOs and rura development agencies.

Six agtech start-ups showcased their technologies to support farm livelihoods as part of our larger effort to bridge the technology gap for farmer collectives. These start- ups, curated by MIF and RICH, offered technologies designed to address specific segments of the agricultural value chain, including farm mechanization, water management, and post-harvest management.

NAFPO was instrumental in facilitating participation of farmer producer organizations (FPOs) for the event, which had over 120 participants representing FPOs and promoting agencies, civil society organizations, CSR and foundations, state rural development agencies, investors and banking institutions from across the country.

The Importance of FPOs and Agtech Solutions

FPOs play a crucial role in addressing various challenges faced by farmers, such as limited access to technology, inputs, and capital, as well as inefficient market practices. With over 9000 operational FPOs in India, the potential for leveraging technology to enhance their effectiveness is immense.

However, FPOs themselves encounter hurdles such as management capacity, access to resources, and market support. Agtech start-ups, with the right support and business models, can play a pivotal role in empowering FPOs to benefit their members significantly.

The Showcase Highlights

Each start-up, on an average, received 40 expressions of interest from the participating FPOs and supporting agencies for product orders, pilot projects, business development opportunities, and funding prospects. The organizers will facilitate the initial round of discussions for taking the technologies to the farm.

Featured Start-ups and Their Technologies

  • EF Polymer Pvt Ltd: Offers a bio-polymer that enhances soil water retention, crop yield, fertility, and nutrient retention.
  • Navariti Innovations Pvt Ltd: Heliot, an AI-powered autonomous irrigation management system tailored for smallholder farmers.
  • Marut Dronetech Pvt Ltd: Provides DGCA-certified agriculture drones and drone pilot training programs.
  • Sickle Innovations Pvt Ltd: Offers computer vision-based machinery for fruit and vegetable grading, along with various agricultural operation aids.
  • New Leaf Dynamics Pvt Ltd: Biomass-powered cold room solutions for safe storage and processing of perishable produce.
  • Greenpod Labs Pvt Ltd: Organic sachets designed to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

The organizers will be arranging more such events in the coming months to promote novel agri-technologies and business opportunities with FPOs and related ecosystem entities. If you are working with FPOs, FPO promoting agenices, CSRs/Foundations supporting rural development interventions, we look forward to connecting with you to facilitate more technology transfer opportunities.

About the organizers

Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH)

RICH, a Telangana Government initiative, and the Nodal Agency appointed by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India to operate as the Hyderabad Science and Technology Cluster, plays a pivotal role in facilitating translation of research to market. It fosters collaboration between industry stakeholders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and academic and research institutions, creating an effective innovation ecosystem.

More details here: Research & Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH)

National Association for Farmer Producer Organisations (NAFPO)

NAFPO is a registered non-profit, multi-stakeholder owned platform to support institutional development and business stabilization for Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). NAFPO is keen to scout technologies that could be used by its network of FPOs and the associated partners, including but not limited to not-for-profit organisations and state federations associated with it, collectively, the NAFPO Associates.

More details here: National Association for Farmer Producer Organisations (NAFPO)

Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF)

MIF is a philanthropic institution committed to fostering India’s innovation landscape and catalysing groundbreaking technologies for large-scale impact. MIF finds innovative technologies and help them to scale through hands on mentorship and provide them access to market, end consumers and right network at the right point of time.

More details here: Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF)