Dr. Shannon Olsson

Chemical Ecologist
All life on Earth interacts through the language of chemistry. Prof. Shannon Olsson is a chemical ecologist who listens to nature's chemical conversations across India's diverse ecosystems. A Fulbright Scholar, Ramanujan, and INK Fellow, Shannon's research has been featured by CNN, Inverse, Cosmos, TEDx, Syntalk, Sci-Illustrate, Dublin Science Gallery, V&A London, Chemical and Engineering News, and the DST Science Express train.
Shannon is currently Director of the echo network, an international public-private social innovation partnership steered by the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. Inspired by nature's communication, this network is creating a new generation of scientists without borders who think and act across sectors and disciplines. Echo unites citizens, government, industry, academia and NGOs to tackle problems in human and environmental ecosystems through interdisciplinary communication and scientific research.