RICH has now started working with educational institutions to help them create a research and innovation ecosystem in the college, in order to promote entrepreneurship and innovative mindset among the students ​

The ultimate goal is to create a robust network between innovators, researchers, institutions, organisations, and the government, such that the collective impact is felt not only by college students, but across Telangana and India.

In partnership with :

Our Work at Vaagdevi Group of Colleges​ ​

Some interesting innovations we have identified​

Mechanical Weeder:​

a weeder so small farmers like his father could carry out the weeding process more easily and faster while also avoiding the hassle involved with hiring labour.​ ​


Multipurpose farming tool that can serve as a weeder, seed drill, fertiliser disseminator, and, its truly innovative feature, a solar-powered pesticide sprayer.​ ​

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