Remote Sensing: A New Way to Assess Farm Losses And Insurance Claims

Published by TEAM RICH    |    23 December 2021    

Until now, we have seen that the yield estimates from Crop Cutting Experiments (CCE) act as a base for government agencies and insurance companies to disburse insurance claims in case of crop failures.

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The Health Virtuous Circle

Published by Ms. Rohini Pimple, RICH    |    25 October 2018    

Global spending on healthcare is projected to increase from US $9.7 trillion in 2015 to US $18.28 trillion by 2040 with a projected worldwide shortage of 12.9 million healthcare professionals by 2035.

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Recycling of Plastics : An Analysis

Published by Dr. Maneesh Kunte, RICH    |    26 July 2018    

Enough airtime and print real estate has been devoted to the impact of plastics on the environment and the health and so on and so forth.A lot of effort is going into figuring out the science behind developing better plastics and better processes to recycle or recommission different kind of plastics more effectively and efficiently.

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A case for tech in Civil Aviation

Published by Dr. Maneesh Kunte, RICH    |   25 june 2018    

9 dollars. That’s as much profit as an average airline made on each passenger it flew in 2017. In a slightly different context, that’s a net margin of about 4.7% which is a little better than the benefits that the credit card company gave back to you on the sandwich you bought at the airport.

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