We are thrilled to be starting 2023 with the launch of our new logo!

Five years ago, RICH was established with the goal of helping innovations traverse the path from lab to market. While our mission has remained constant, our projects, programmes, their impact, and the community around us have grown and evolved over the years. So, it was time to better reflect on the work we do and how we are perceived as an organisation through our logo and overall branding.

Our new logo is designed to be sleek, and in its simplicity reflects what lies at the heart of our organisation: collaboration. Over the years, our experiences have only reinforced our belief that collaboration is the key to creating meaningful, sustainable change in society. The logo’s new design was made to convey the message that by bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders and leveraging the rich science and technology ecosystem that Hyderabad has to offer, we can take great strides in solving societal and environmental problems—not just in the state of Telangana, but for India and the world. The design also reflects our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the organisation and the innovation ecosystem. We also promise to encourage and support the potential and interests of people of varied genders, religions, abilities, and educational and economic backgrounds. Together, we better contribute towards bridging the gaps in regional and national development.

Elaborating on what the design of the new logo means, our CEO, Rashmi Pimpale, says, "The new logo is a celebration of the vibrant, contemporary, progressive spirit of RICH, and all that we stand for as an organisation. It symbolises the encouragement of new ideas and new ways of thinking to tackle the challenges that society faces—both old and new. It also reflects our responsibility to strengthen the innovation–entrepreneurship–investment ecosystem, which is key to driving socio-economic transformation in Telangana and India."

With a revamped look, we are excited to continue to enrich the innovation ecosystem and encourage unique ideas to support societal growth.

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