What is RICH

RICH is an initiative that has been conceived to unlock the national treasure created by the top scientific research institutions in Telangana State, and to actively facilitate the process of taking their research to market. This requires new ideas, innovations, technologies, advisors, mentors, funding and support services, to be brought together seamlessly. The Government recognizes that there are gaps in this innovation-entrepreneurship-investment ecosystem, which has prevented full utilization of the R&D work taking place in these institutions. RICH is the platform that will link research institutions, academia and industry along with venture capitalists, angel investors and incubators. RICH will initially focus on three sectors, same model of collaboration will later be extended to other priority sectors of the State.

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Research & Academic
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Business Alliances




Technologies Listed
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Startups & Entrepreneurs


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Activities of RICH

Introduce entrepreneurs to investors and funders for various stages of their growth, thus helping raise funds

Provide IP protection for the innovations emerging from the research, and create mechanisms for licensing the IP.

Coordinate training inputs in design thinking, business management & project execution for scientists & entrepreneurs.

Help entrepreneurs and businesses conduct initial evaluations of the feasibility of taking their innovations to market.

Bringing the best of technical, legal, economic, and market assessments for the companies and startups.

Introduce entrepreneurs to investors and funders for various stages of their growth. Thus helping raise funds

Provide policy inputs to the government for creating an innovation-led entrepreneurial culture in the State.

Support educational institutions to ensure practical training for technical graduates, making them employable once out of college.

News & Events

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A road show and workshop to sensitize Indian start-ups and tech companies to engage with Africa to commercialize

RICH signs an MoU with Medtronic Labs

With an endeavour to integrate digital and innovative product technologies for facilitating quality, affordable and accessible healthcare